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Pandemic Prompts Tech Workers To Flee Silicon Valley For Mellower Pastures

Wochit Postables
Amid the remote working boom, tech workers from the San Francisco Bay Area may be fleeing the area due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Business Insider, multiple surveys indicate city-dwellers may relocate to smaller, more affordable areas as work from home policies become the norm. Now, a new study places San Jose, California, as one of the best-positioned cities in the US to benefit from the post-pandemic future. San Jose is far less dense, with only 5,300 residents per square mile compared to the 17,000 living in San Francisco. But it's not just traffic and high housing prices that's motivating people to up stakes and move out of cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Some are also skittish about remaining in dense environments that are perfect breeding grounds for the spread of infectious diseases.