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Twitch Prime Is Now Prime Gaming With 23 Free Titles

Twitch Prime Is Now Prime Gaming With 23 Free Titles. Amazon's newly-renamed gaming service will be offering a bunch of new PC titles for free every month, with 23 set for August. These include 14 retro SNK games. They've also vowed to offer lots of free in-game content for big titles such as 'GTA Online,' 'Red Dead Online,' 'Apex Legends,' 'FIFA 20,' 'Doom Eternal' and more. Gamers can expect exclusive skins for 'Apex Legends,' a Player Pick Pack for 'FIFA 20,' and even new items for 'Roblox.'. Prime Gaming continues to include a free Twitch channel subscription, tons of free loot in your favourite games, 5+ free PC games every month, and more with your Amazon Prime membership, Via Prime Gaming website. Last year, Twitch Prime offered free content giveaways for 'Apex Legends' and EA Sports titles