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Here's Why You Should Own Gold

The Street
The markets have been causing investors anxiety and one question that may be lingering on every investor's mind is what should they do now? Cramer penned a Real Money column Monday morning that focuses on finding a bull market and how it's history, not Cramer, who is saying that there's always a bull market. Here's what Cramer had to say about his Twitter feed, which is chanting that there's not a bull market to be found. "The people who are weighing in, and they are substantial and as well reasoned as you can be with a chart and 200-some-odd words, are almost unanimous in the need to get out now, get out of everything -- every asset, save maybe gold because the economic grim reaper is coming. Let's digest this "never a bull market anywhere" rationally and think what it means," wrote Cramer. Based on investor anxiety, why not take a look at gold? Here's what Cramer had to say about it. "So why not own something that yields nothing that holds its value than something that yields negative that doesn't hold its value. So it is ridiculous not to own gold if you're from any country on earth except for maybe the United States," said Cramer. Premium Pick: Markets Reverse and Surge on China News Ask the Expert: The Scariest Thing All Investors Have to Face Ready to Retire: The Biggest Threat to Your Retirement? Check Your Basement TheStreet Feature: Here's Something Investors May Be Missing About the Drone Revolution Dog Days of Summer: Why Investors May Be Seeing the End of the Dog Days of Summer C-Suite: AMD CEO Lisa Su Talks New Chips, Confirms She's Staying: 'I Have A Lot to Do' Success: Top Women Leaders Share the Keys to Business Success Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more videos : Listen our latest Podcasts on Soundcloud Catch Up: Today's Top News Videos Below