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Avalanche Sends Skier Tumbling Down Mountain in Pyrenees

Storyful Studio
Two snowboarders and a skier were rescued after an avalanche sent them tumbling down a mountain and left two of them buried in snow in the Pyrenees in northern Catalonia, Spain, on February 6, officials said.Mountain guide Roger Martorell shot this video of the avalanche in the area of Tuc de la Llança, in Val d’Aran. He told Storyful that the trio had wrongly interpreted forecasts for an ongoing “weak layer situation,” and said the snowboarders stopped at an unsafe spot. Martorell said the third person, a skier, triggered the avalanche and rolled down the mountain, but was the first to start searching for the other two people.He said one of the snowboarders was half-buried and the other was fully buried. Rescue teams later arrived, removed them from the snow, and transported them to hospital. According to local media, a skier was seriously injured and was taken to hospital by helicopter. Credit: RogerMountainGuide.com via Storyful