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YouTube Delivers Bad News to Trump, Giuliani

Newser — Jenn Gidman

If former President Trump had hoped to get one of his online megaphones back soon, he might have to cross YouTube off his list. As the last major social-media platform to suspend the former president, six days after the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, the site extended that ban last week, saying it would reassess the situation within a few days.

Now, a second extension has been announced, and this one hasn't been given a reevaluation date. "In light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, the Donald J Trump channel will remain suspended," a YouTube rep tells CNET, adding that team members are carefully keeping tabs on things for "any new developments." Trump's accounts on Facebook and Instagram are seeing a similar indefinite suspension, with Facebook's Oversight Board now reviewing the status, while his Twitter account has been nixed for good.

The Guardian notes that Trump's YouTube will remain up and running, but no new videos can be added, and comments on videos already on the platform remain turned off for the time being.

Meanwhile, YouTube has also taken action against Trump ally and lawyer Rudy Giuliani, hitting him where it hurts: his wallet. Due to his continued false claims about election fraud, Giuliani will be barred from taking part in a monetization program that lets him bring in cash from his channel, effectively "[cutting] off a prominent revenue stream," per Politico.

The Washington Post notes that while Giuliani can still put up new videos, and even bring in cash from paid product endorsements, he can't make money from ads that play before his videos run.

Giuliani, who told the Post in a text that YouTube's move was "predatory" and "dangerous," can appeal the decision after 30 days if he follows the rules, per a company rep.

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