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Ted Cruz Offers Advice in Wake of Cancun Backlash

Newser — Kate Seamons

Whether Ted Cruz is pissed at the late-night treatment he has received over the past few days is unclear. But on Tuesday the Texas senator made clear that his wife is pissed about a couple of things in the wake of their Cancun, Mexico, getaway.

While appearing on "Ruthless," a conservative podcast, the Republican explained that Heidi Cruz was "pretty pissed" that her text chain to friends to gauge outside interest in accompanying the Cruzes on the trip was leaked to the New York Times.

He added that Heidi "actually was over to a neighbor’s house yesterday, sort of walking through" it all. His thoughts on the matter? "Here's a suggestion just don't be a------s. Yeah, like just you know treat each other as human beings have some degree, some modicum of respect," he said, per the Sacramento Bee.

She was also "pissed about" being snapped by paparazzi on the beach while bikini-clad, and while Ted Cruz allowed that it was a "creepy" move, he did add, "Heidi is smoking hot, so I looked at the pictures and said, 'Man, you look great.'" Other comments highlighted by Politico: Cruz joked that he hadn't gotten "this much negative press coverage since northern California in the 1960s"—referring to a long-running joke that he is actually the Zodiac killer.

He also came to the defense of his dog Snowflake, photos of whom were shared in a way that made the pet seem abandoned as they vacationed.

"I spend too much time on Twitter, so I see apparently I’ve literally fed Snowflake to the wolves," Cruz said, noting they had hired a pet sitter.

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