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Parisians Now Have to Exercise at Night

Newser — Rob Quinn

Parisians who want to get some exercise outside will now have to do it at night or early in the morning. After a weekend that saw large groups of people jogging in the city's parks, authorities have banned outdoor exercise between 10am and 7pm, reports the BBC.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo and city police chief Didier Lallemen said in a joint statement that the measure, which takes effect Wednesday, will restrict outdoor exercise to "when the streets are quietest."

France has been under strict lockdown orders for nearly a month and hundreds of thousands of people have been fined for violating the rules, one of which is that they have to exercise within a kilometer of their home.

The country's coronavirus death toll surged to more than 10,000 Tuesday after authorities added deaths in nursing homes to the total, France24 reports. Reuters reports it's the fourth country to pass that mark; Italy, Spain, and the US have also done so.

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