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Man Barges Into Office Meeting and Opens Fire

Newser — Neal Colgrass

Police say a man walked into a business meeting in France on Wednesday and opened fire with a handgun, killing three people and injuring a fourth, CNN reports.

He then "turned the gun on himself," says a police spokeswoman. "He is now injured and was transferred to the hospital where he is in life-threatening condition." Some thirty officers are now at the scene of the quarry company, which the Daily Express notes is in western France, near the town of Saint-Varent.

But details remain scant.

"What we know is that it happened in the workplace and there is a professional link between the person who fired the shots and the company," says the police rep.

"He was on a work leave and apparently had been declared unfit to resume working. We do not know exactly for what reason. This may have been a factor in the events, this is an interesting lead, but we remain open to all options. For all we know, it could be related to a love relationship, or it could be an act of madness related to a destabilized individual."

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