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Obama: Women 'Indisputably' Better Than Men

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Barack Obama thinks one way to make the world a better place is to put women in charge. "I'm absolutely confident that for two years if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything ... living standards and outcomes," he said at a leadership forum in Singapore, as quoted by the BBC.

"Now women, I just want you to know; you are not perfect, but what I can say pretty indisputably is that you're better than us [men]." Obama also was asked whether he would ever go back into politics, but he suggested his time in that world had passed.

"If you look at the world and look at the problems it's usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way," he said.

The Straits Times, meanwhile, has quotes from Obama on a different topic—why he didn't get more stressed in the early days of his presidency, when the threat of economic catastrophe loomed.

"I attribute some of this to my Hawaiian/Indonesian vibe," he said. "I didn't get too high, buy all the hype when you are on the posters, on the cover of magazines." Similarly, "I didn't get too low when things were tough partly because I was confident that we were making the best decisions possible in the circumstances."

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