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New Anti-Sex Toilets Will Cost Town $200K

Newser — Neal Colgrass

Like public toilets? You're in a minority, but if so, consider a trip to the Welsh town of Porthcawl—where officials are planning some pretty extreme robo-toilets in Griffin Park, Wales Online reports.

The new loos will offer security features designed to hinder violence, vandalism, sleeping, and anything two people might do together (more than one media outlet calls them "anti-sex toilets").

For example, weight sensors will ensure only one person at a time, and sound alarms/water spray will go off if violent movement is detected. Users will also want to avoid triggering a timer alarm that cuts off the lights and heating.

And the toilets will shut down for 10 minutes nightly to undergo a deep clean. So why all the high-tech?

It's to "support the leisure area within the park" and nearby "retail and commercial businesses," which have "an important role in growing footfall within the area," says town councilor Mike Clark.

But not everyone is reacting kindly to the proposed facilities, which will cost Porthcawl some $200,000 and won't be free for users, per CNN. "Weight sensitive floors to detect more than 1 user?" writes one Twitter user.

"What baseline weight are they using? I'm easily the weight of 2 teenagers!" Another calls it "terrifying," saying she is "a disabled person who falls a lot" and doesn't want to risk "violent and humiliating consequence." That said, the destruction of current facilities and building of new ones will begin in October.

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