Police: Off-duty officer shot man who hit him in…

The Corona Police Department says a fatal shooting inside a Costco warehouse store Friday night took place after a 32-year-old man attacked an off-duty police officer

Funeral held for West Point cadet who died in…

A West Point cadet killed during a training exercise has been laid to rest at the academy's cemetery

Virginia AG calls for state to legalize marijuana

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring is calling for the legalization of marijuana. Herring said Saturday that Virginia should start decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana and eventually legalize the drug

Huge crowds march in Hong Kong, piling pressure…

Tens of thousands of black-clad Hong Kong residents have jammed the city's streets in a vehement show of opposition to expanding control from Beijing in this former British colony

The Latest: Police say shooting came after man hit officer

The Corona Police Department says a fatal shooting inside a Costco warehouse store Friday night took place after a 32-year-old man attacked an off-duty police officer

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Former student who reported rape says college betrayed her

A woman says she was forced to leave her dream college in West Virginia because the school allowed the student she accused of rape to remain on campus even after he was convicted of battery

L3 Achieves Record-High ISR Sensors Orders

Swimmer missing from race down New York's Hudson River

Police are searching for a swimmer who went missing during a 120-mile multi-day race down New York's Hudson River

Florida Governor Signs Controversial Sanctuary…

Florida's governor signed one of the nation's strictest sanctuary city bans into law.

Protesters strip, get painted in Times Square

Several dozen people stripped naked and got their bodies painted in New York's Times Square as part of what was billed as a protest against "divisiveness."

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US border center scrutinized after teen found…

A U.S. Border Patrol facility in Texas is under new scrutiny after a teenage mother was found there with a premature baby.

National Atomic Testing Museum in Vegas looking…

Officials at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas say the museum has outgrown its space east of the Las Vegas Strip and is looking for a new location to expand its nuclear testing exhibits

Pope dons helmut to enter earthquake-hit…

Pope Francis donned a white firefighter's safety helmet on Sunday and entered a damaged cathedral during a visit to central Italy where he is giving encouragement to people still struggling three years after devastating earthquakes struck

Authorities: Man offered money to 'rape and murder' Alaskan

Authorities charge that an Indiana man implicated in the murder of an Alaska teenager had allegedly promised millions of dollars to the teens who killed her in exchange for images of the killing, the Anchorage Daily News reports

Plane landing at Newark airport blows tires, skids on runway

Authorities say a plane blew tires while landing at Newark airport, sending it skidding across the runway before coming to a halt

Babe Ruth road jersey sells at auction for $5.64…

A Babe Ruth road jersey dating to 1928-30 has sold at auction for $5.64 million

Advocates: Emails show that census question…

Voting rights activists argue newly discovered 2015 correspondence between a GOP redistricting expert and a current Census Bureau official bolster arguments that discrimination motivated efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 population survey

Iran's President Says It Will Continue…

Iran stopped enforcing parts of the 2015 pact in May, around a year after the U.S. withdrew completely.

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Target's tech trouble clogs stores with long…

A glitch stalled checkout lines at Target stores worldwide Saturday, exasperating shoppers and potentially eating into sales at a prime time for retailers, the day before Father's Day

US Sends Russia a Scary Cyber-Message

If Russia is plunged into darkness one day, Washington may well be behind it—or so US officials are telling the New York Times . In a strategic shift, the US military's Cyber Command is planting malware in Russia's electrical grid to offset the threat that Russia can do the same...