Black businesses hit hard by COVID-19 fight to…

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only disproportionately impacted African Americans, infecting and killing them at higher rates across the nation, but black Americans are also experiencing the economic brunt of the pandemic

NYC shouts for Justice while streets burn.

NYC streets set ablaze while protesters get moved around by large groups of police. Policemen form back to back lines. NYC shouts for justice

Man fatally shot while stopped at Buckhead traffic light

Free PlayStation Plus Games for June 2020

Free PlayStation Plus Games for June 2020 According to 'Forbes,' 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' and 'Call Of Duty: WWII' are available next month free of charge. They follow 'Cities: Skylines' and 'Farming Simulator 19,' which dropped in May and can be downloaded until June 1. 'Battlefront' and 'Call of Duty' are first-person competitive shooters in completely different settings. They will be available to play until July 6. EA's 'Battlefront II' puts you in various scenarios from the legendary 'Star Wars' film series. Gamers can choose to play on the sides of the Empire and First Order or take part in the Resistance. In Sledgehammer Games' 'Call of Duty,' take part in multiple missions across Europe inspired by historical events. Besides the standard story mode, you can also switch over to multiplayer.

Lufthansa board nods through $10 billion bailout…

The supervisory board of Lufthansa has given its blessing to a 9 billion-euro ($10 billion) government bailout plan thrashed out between the airline, the German government and the European Union

Managing Stress As A First Responder

Tips and tricks on how to manage stress levels as a first responder.

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Playstation 5 Will Offer an 'Evolution' in Sound

Playstation 5 Will Offer an 'Evolution' in Sound Sony has confirmed that the highly-anticipated console will include a 3D audio processing unit. It's possible the unit will represent a landmark moment for the PlayStation console series as a whole. Sony, via corporate strategy meeting Sony, via corporate strategy meeting Sony also explained that PlayStation 5 will offer gaming enthusiasts "experiences that were not possible before." The console is set for release later this year.

April construction spending falls 2.9% as virus…

U.S. construction spending fell 2.9% in April, the largest drop in 18 months, with broad declines across all building activity as shutdowns hobbled projects and workers were told to stay home

Fewer Students Applying For Financial Aid

Despite economic hardship caused by the coronavirus, the number of students applying for financial aid has fallen, suggesting the number applying to college in the fall will drop too.

Mystic Rose Antique shop opens in Lincoln

Survey: US factories sink in May for third…

American factories slowed for the third consecutive month in May as they continued to sustain economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19: Our New Normal Retail_ Digital

As countries slowly begin to re-open, we examine what changes we can expect to see from the retail industry. Dr. Jason Rao, CEO of Health Security Partners, and Dr. Barbara Kahn, Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School offer their insight.

Supreme Court declines to take Bernard Madoff…

The Supreme Court is leaving in place a ruling that allows the trustee recovering money for investors in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme to pursue more than $4 billion that went to overseas investors

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Stay Healthy By Moving the Body

Moving the body, even if it's walking, is the key to staying healthy during stay-at-home orders.

Turkey eases lockdown as restaurants reopen…

Turkish Airlines has resumed limited domestic flights, restaurants have welcomed sit-in customers and beaches and museums reopened as Turkey’s broadest easing of coronavirus restrictions came into effect

Are You Cleaning Correctly?

Every surface is now a potential harbourer of the coronavirus. Making sure we are cleaning them correctly is vital to our safety and the safety of those around us.

UK eases lockdown restrictions yet experts say it…

Britain has moved to further ease lockdown restrictions despite warnings from some health officials that the risk of spreading COVID-19 was still too great

COVID-19: The New Normal of Travel_Long

As restrictions begin to ease slowly across the globe, the future of air travel hangs in the balance. What will flying look like in a post COVID world? And how will airlines keep their passengers safe? Joe Leader, CEO of APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Assoc.) and IFSA (International Flight Services Assoc.), Shashank Nigam, founder, and CEO of SimpliFlying, and Bob Mann, CEO of R.W. Mann Airline Industry Analysis and Consulting answer our questions.

Greece lifts its lockdown on hotels, pools, golf…

Greece has lifted lockdown measures for hotels, open-air cinemas, golf courses and public swimming pools as the country ramped up preparations for the tourism season that starts in two weeks

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COVID-19: Lucy Martin On Learning To Pivot_Digital

Lucy Martin, a Los Angeles based entrepreneur and artist, was on the brink of bankruptcy, then the coronavirus hit. But rather than pushing her over the edge, the pandemic provided a business opportunity which enabled her to turn her life around. This is her story.

Finland in pain as border closure blocks Russian…

The closure of Finland’s border with Russia amid the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the Nordic nation’s eastern border region hard