A bleak outlook for millions facing cutoff of US…

Unemployment has forced aching choices on millions of Americans and their families in the face of a rampaging viral pandemic that has closed shops and restaurants, paralyzed travel and left millions jobless for months

Biden's Travel Policies Different From Trump

Major changes to travel are expected under a Biden presidency.

Michigan woman charged with '03 murders of…

A Michigan woman has been charged with murder in the deaths of her newborn twin sons more than 17 years ago

Discovery to Launch Streaming Service Discovery…

️Discovery to Launch Streaming Service , Discovery Plus. Discovery Plus will launch on January 4, 2021. In addition to the Discovery Channel, the brand owns the popular Food Network and HGTV. The Discovery Channel is also host to the annual 'Shark Week.'. The new streaming service will be offered to many of Verizon's 55 million customers free for one year. The basic tier, Discovery Plus, will cost subscribers $4.99 a month. An ad-free version of the platform will cost $6.99 a month. A menu of original content is in the works under the brand, which has promised to premiere new content "52 weeks a year."

Crunch UK-EU talks on post-Brexit ties to resume…

The European Union and the United Kingdom have decided to press on with negotiating a post-Brexit trade deal with all three key issues still unresolved ahead of a year-end cutoff

Impact of Muslim Voters in 2020

In 2020, there were a million American Muslims registered to vote in the election and recent reports show that that these voters had a significant influence on the results in Robert McCaw, National Government Affairs Director, for CAIR (Council on Islamic Affairs) explains why candidates need to take the political concerns of this community seriously. We speak with voters in Michigan and young Muslim activists, Lela Ali of Movement Voter Project and Umer Rupani, Georgia Muslim Voter project about the candidates and issues they care about.

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Arizona holds off Eastern Washington 70-67

James Akinjo scored 15 points, Dalen Terry had a steal and the clinching free throws with five seconds left and Arizona edged Eastern Washington 70-67

New 'Fortnite' Trailer Showcases 'The Mandalorian'

New 'Fortnite' Trailer , Showcases 'The Mandalorian'. The trailer means that 'Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5: Zero Point' is currently live and playable. The newest stars of the game include Mando and Baby Yoda from Disney's 'The Mandalorian.'. Other new characters include an updated version of Agent Jonesy. More additions include significant changes to the map of 'Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5.'. A gladiator arena has been added. and the viking longship appears to have made a return. 'Fortnite' continues its crossover with Marvel's storyline, meaning that more Marvel characters will likely appear in the future

The Latest: St. Louis children's hospitals…

St. Louis children’s hospitals have started treating adult patients as area hospitals struggle to keep up with rising coronavirus cases

A New Era Of Bipartisanship?

Rep-Elect Kat Cammack speaks about her ambitions for the 117th Congress and how she will be working towards bipartisanship. She also names the Democrats she thinks she can work with and weighs in on whether she can have a working relationship with AOC. Cammack's former boss Ted Yoho hit headlines for swearing at Rep Ocasio Cortez. Cammack discusses what will change under her tenure.

Gardner scores 20 to carry East Carolina over Radford 63-50

Jayden Gardner had 20 points as East Carolina topped Radford 63-50

Comcast to Impose Home Internet Data Cap in…

Comcast to Impose Home Internet Data Cap in Several States Next Year. In 2021, Comcast intends to charge northeastern U.S. customers if they go over 1.2TB of data per month. This data cap is already in effect for customers with non-unlimited plans in other parts of the nation. Starting in January and February, Xfinity customers who aren't on an unlimited plan will be given a "credit" for data usage charges over 1.2TB while they get used to the new limits. In March, exceeding the data cap will cost customers $10 per 50GB of data up to $100. Customers will also receive one "courtesy" credit per year. Though Comcast says 95% of its customers only average about 308GB of data use per month. internet use continues to grow as people work and find entertainment at home amid the pandemic

Swiss slopes buzz as those of neighbors sit idle…

While the COVID-19 pandemic has led France, Italy and Austria to shut or severely restrict access to their ski stations this holiday season, Switzerland is keeping its slopes open, a move that has driven a wedge among European leaders and fanned grumbling and envy among many business owners

BONUS: Biden and COVID

Thomas Bollyky, the director of the global health program at the Council on Foreign Relations discusses how he expects the Biden-Harris administration to handle the coronavirus.

Bradley leads Toledo past winless N. Illinois 41-24

Sophomore quarterback Carter Bradley threw for 432 yards and three touchdowns and Toledo beat Northern Illinois 41-24

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Twitter Will Warn You When You Like Misleading…

Twitter Will Warn You , When You Like Misleading Tweets. The new feature expands upon another one that was recently implemented by the social media platform ahead of the 2020 election. in which retweets of material flagged as misleading also received a warning. When users "like" a tweet by pressing the heart icon, a prompt pops up encouraging them to "Find out more.". According to Twitter, more than 300,000 tweets were labeled as misleading from Oct. 27 though Nov. 11. 456 tweets were blocked from being retweeted, having been hidden behind a warning. The new feature of alerting users who have "liked" tweets deemed misleading will hit web and iOS users this week. On Android devices, users will begin to notice the feature sometime in the next few weeks

Biden weighs pick for agriculture chief from…

President-elect Joe Biden’s choices for secretary of agriculture are as diverse as the department of 100,000 employees that he or she would represent

Red Vs. Blue States On COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought destruction across the U.S., here we compare the experience of Republican-led and Democrat-led states and ask why the virus has become so politicized. Including MOS with citizens in Iowa and California, as well as Kent Batman, the Republican Chairman of Hardin County, Texas.

Bothwell leads Furman over College of Charleston 81-57

Mike Bothwell had 26 points as Furman easily defeated College of Charleston 81-57

Snapchat to Award $1 Million to Creators With…

Snapchat to Award $1 Million to Creators With Most ‘Entertaining’ Posts. On November 23, Snap Inc. announced the launch of their new feature, Spotlight. It will reportedly “shine a light” on “entertaining” posts created by the Snapchat community. . We built Spotlight to be a place where anyone’s content can take center stage – without needing a public account or an influencer following, Snap Inc., via press release . In order to incentivize users to engage with Spotlight, Snap Inc. is awarding over $1 million each day to creators. Each day, the daily prize fund will be awarded to one creator or multiple creators. It all depends on Snap Inc.’s “proprietary formula,” which rewards creators based on the “total number of unique video views” received in a given day. . Many Snapchatters will earn each day, and the ones who create the top Snaps within that group will earn the most for their creativity, Snap Inc., via press release . The reward program will reportedly run until the end of 2020, at which point it may be extended

COVID-19 relief: What's on the table as Congress…

Under pressure from moderates in both parties, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have initiated late-game negotiations in hopes of combining a relief package of, in all likelihood, less than $1 trillion with a separate $1.4 trillion governmentwide omnibus spending bill

Covid Campaigning in Georgia

Anderson leads Delaware over Salem University 79-76

Kevin Anderson had 21 points and 10 rebounds, and Ebby Asamoah added 20 points as Delaware narrowly beat Salem University 79-76

T-Mobile Is First Carrier to Enable 988 Number…

T-Mobile Is First Carrier to Enable 988 Number for Mental Health Services. In July 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unanimously voted to assign the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL). The FCC gave carriers a deadline of July 2022 to put the number into effect. On Friday, T-Mobile announced that it has added support for the number more than a year and a half ahead of the deadline. In a statement, T-Mobile chief technology officer Abdul Saad said providing access to the 988 emergency mental health services number... . ... was “a matter of urgency for us, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and the holiday season approaches.”. At this time, the number is not able to receive text messages. FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel has called this problematic since talking on the phone is “not native for most young people.”. People in need of mental health support can still engage with NSPL via online chats if they find talking on the phone to be uncomfortable.

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At least 18 Chinese coal miners killed by lethal…

China state TV reports at least 18 miners have died due to high levels of carbon monoxide in the country's southwest

Polarized Politics In Congress

For real change to be made for the American people, bi-partisan work is vital. With the election result closer thane expected both sides of the aisle will have to work together to enact change. We discuss how likely this will be. Kat Cammack, Representative-elect for Florida's 3rd Congressional District, Matt McDermott, VP Whitman Insight Strategies and Matt Klink, GOP Campaign Strategist offer their insight.

Bishop scores 20 to lead George Washington over CSU 85-69

James Bishop had 20 points as George Washington topped Coppin State 85-69