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Doctors Keep Close Eye On President's Drug Use

The White House medical team kept a close eye on President Donald Trump’s heart rhythms, including at least one electrocardiogram.

Cause Of Death Released For 'Twilight' Actor

Authorities in Las Vegas have released the cause of deaths for an actor from the film 'Twilight' and his girlfriend.

Lea Michele Breaks Silence Over Shocking…

The 'Glee' actress posted a lengthy statement on Instagram in which she apologized.

New Poll Has Grim News For The President

A large majority of Americans sympathize with the mass protests sweeping the nation.

Eagles' Singer Don Henley Makes Desperate Plea To…

Henley is urging Congress to 'Take It to the Limit' to protect artists.

Faith Leaders React To President's Bible Gesture

Some called the president's trip to St. John's Espiscopal Church a show of strength. Others say it was a photo-op.

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Hurricane Season Is Off To An Ominous Start

The hurricane season officially began on June 1—but Tropical Storms Arthur and Bertha apparently failed to get the memo.

Celebs Take To The Streets For Historic…

From Jamie Foxx and John Cusack to Emily Ratajkowski, many celebrities decided to do more than just tweet about their outrage over the killings of black people at the hands of police.

New Poll Suggests Trouble for President Trump

Big swing toward Biden has Trump campaign worried as America burns during protests.

Derek Chauvin Charged With More Than Manslaughter

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison upgraded charges Wednesday against the former Minneapolis police officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck as he died, the Star Tribune reports. Derek Chauvin is now accused of second-degree murder, and three other officers at the scene are charged with aiding and abetting murder. Sen....

Journalists wage legal fights after facing…

Journalists are now waging legal fights to combat against attacks by law enforcement while covering protests set off by the death of George Floyd

WHO To Reportedly Resume Hydroxychloroquine Trial

The WHO will resume a key trial.

Ella Jones Becomes First African American Mayor…

Ella Jones Becomes First African American Mayor of Ferguson, Missouri Jones topped fellow councilwoman Heather Robinett to win the race. According to St. Louis Public Radio, she won by just 138 votes. Ella Jones, via St. Louis Public Radio Ferguson gained national attention back in 2014 after 18-year-old black man Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer. Demonstrations followed, contributing to the growing Black Lives Matter movement. Since 2014, Ferguson's town council has been mostly comprised of African- American members, including Jones. Jones will now vacate her town council spot and take over for Mayor James Knowles III. Jones adds that making history in Ferguson means she has work to do. Ella Jones, via St. Louis Public Radio

Madeleine McCann Development Is 'Biggest Since…

After 13 agonizing years, the parents of Madeleine McCann may finally get some answers. In what friends of Kate and Gerry McCann say is the biggest breakthrough in the case since the 3-year-old disappeared in Portugal in 2007, a German man has been identified as a suspect, the Telegraph reports....

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Cuomo Apologizes to NYPD

Who Is Sowing Chaos At The George Floyd Protests?

Authorities are pointing fingers at the far right and far left as domestic terrorism becomes more partisan in the United States.

Get a look inside Tropical Storm Cristobal

Ride along with the Hurricane Hunters as they fly through Tropical Storm Cristobal at 2,500 feet to collect weather data on June 3.

Beyond Driven

Trailer for 'Beyond Driven' starring Riyaana Hartley, Carmen Jorda, Tatiana Calderon, Beitske Visser, Hamda Al Qubaisi

America Is on Fire. Here are Solutions

Protests have rocked the country and left a trail of smoldering ruin, but to what end? That end—in terms of specific policy demands—is finding a voice on media and activist websites. Writing at the Guardian , Cornel West decries "another black person killed by the US police" and a...

Snapchat Makes Big Move on Trump Account

Another social media giant has decided to take action against President Trump. Snap Inc. says it isn't going to ban Snapchat content from the president, or add warnings to certain bits of it, as Twitter has done—but it will stop promoting his account on the app. The company says...

Portland, Oregon, city of protest, reels from…

Portland, Oregon, is known for protests that can descend into chaos, but even the liberal city is reeling from the nightly unrest spreading from peaceful demonstrations over George Floyd's death

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WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Refuses To…

The White House held a briefing.

Lil Nas X Says Blackout Tuesday Was the 'Worst…

Lil Nas X Says Blackout Tuesday Was the 'Worst Idea Ever' Celebrities, corporations, music labels and sports stars showed their support for the Black Lives Matter movement by participating in Blackout Tuesday. Blackout Tuesday saw various celebrities post blank, black images on their social media channels, which Lil Nas X thinks was the "worst idea ever." The rapper insists now is the time to speak out as loudly as possible about racial discrimination. Lil Nas X has proposed another way to take a stance.