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Sports make political point for Belarus amid…

Longtime Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is proudly keeping soccer and hockey arenas open even though most sports around the world have shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic

Mesmerizing Cloud Ripples Captured On Camera

Check out these mesmerizing cloud ripples.

10 Real-Life Places You Can Experience Virtually…

10 Real-Life Places You Can Experience Virtually From Your Home A simple Google search on your computer can open the virtual door to these travel destinations. 1. The ancient Great Wall of China. 2. Egypt's three Giza pyramids. 3. India's Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 4. The ancient Colosseum in Rome, Italy. 5. France's beautiful Palace of Versailles. 6. Great Britain's mysterious Stonehenge. 7. California's Yosemite National Park, home of the Half Dome. 8. America's most famous road, Route 66. 9. Italy's Sistine Chapel, which can be found in the Vatican. 10. Paris' most famous art museum, the Louvre.

Harry, Meghan Weren't Planning to Ask for…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle won't be receiving government-funded protection after their reported move to California , President Trump warned Sunday . They had no intention of asking for it in the first place, a spokesperson for the couple tells N BC . The spokesperson says the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have...

Experts: Mardi Gras A Key Factor In New Orleans…

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards warns the state is seeing a worrying "trajectory" that could leave hospitals without ventilators by the end of next week. Likewise, Business Insider reports Bel Edwards predicted they would run out of hospital beds just days later. The governor issued a stay-at-home order last week after Mardi Gras celebrations in late February attracted thousands of residents and tourists to the city. Experts say Mardi Gras was a key factor in the city's outbreak. Louisiana has identified 3,315 COVID-19 cases and 137 deaths. Since the outbreak, 927 people have been hospitalized and 336 put on ventilators. In the Midwest, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said the state is "going to be in dire straits again in a matter of days" as some hospitals are "already at capacity."

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Tornado In Jonesboro, AR Leaves 22 Injured

The tornado touched down Saturday evening and with 74-mile-an-hour winds.

Wicked weather batters Illinois

Powerful wind and storms slammed into western and central Illinois, on March 28. Blake Naftel has the recap on what exactly went down.


Trailer for 'Elephant' starring Meghan Markle

Here's When You'll Get Your Coronavirus Money

Americans will start receiving money from the $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package within three weeks if the government has their bank details, Steven Mnuchin confirmed Sunday. "We expect that within three weeks that people who have direct deposit with information with us will see those direct deposit in their...

10 Things to Know for Today

Get ready for Monday, March 30, with a few things to know about the day’s news from The Associated Press

Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Trump Raves About His…

President Trump slammed the media.

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Can Coronavirus Live on Shoes?

Can Coronavirus Live on Shoes? The COVID-19 pandemic has already raised questions about how long the virus can live on clothing. But what about shoes? Shoes are points of contact in crowded areas, such as grocery stores. According to public health specialist Carol Winner, there is no evidence that coronavirus enters our homes via shoes. Carol Winner, via HuffPost However, there is evidence that the virus can live on surfaces, which may include shoes depending on the material. Carol Winner, via HuffPost

RI Extends Restrictions to Visitors From 49 States

New Yorkers visiting Rhode Island will still be ordered to self-quarantine for 14 days , Gov. Gina Raimondo says—but so will visitors from the other 48 states. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened to sue after the state introduced restrictions for New Yorkers on Friday, Politico reports. Raimondo said Sunday...

Coronavirus Robs Chinese Families Of Precious…

Central China’s Hubei province has been hit hard by the coronavirus COVID-19. According to Reuters, funerals have been banned across the country. What's more, bereaved relatives who are under lockdown must wait even to collect their loved ones' remains. Families are unable to participate in any of the complex and comforting rituals to ensure their loved ones have a peaceful journey to the afterlife. Prior to the epidemic, there would be a vigil of up to three days. Following that, cremation would take place. But now when the person dies, the hospital carries out the disinfection and cremates the body immediately.

Fauci Projects 100k To 200k Will Die From…

Dr. Anthony Fauci added they U.S. would have "millions of cases."

A close encounter with a tornado

A man in the store Triple S Phone, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, had a frightening experience on March 28, as a tornado tore through the area.

Dolphin Reef

Trailer for 'Dolphin Reef' starring Natalie Portman

John Prine Falls Critically Ill

The family of John Prine said the singer-songwriter has been hospitalized since Thursday, when he began experiencing the symptoms of the new coronavirus. "His situation is critical," Prine's family said in a statement on Twitter . Fiona Prine had said on March 20 that she had tested positive, but it wasn't...

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Jobless UK flight attendants asked to work as…

Laid off airline cabin crew staff in Britain are being asked to work in temporary hospitals to help treat COVID-19 patients

This Winery's Dog Is Making Curbside Deliveries…

The Stone House Urban Winery in Maryland has enlisted the help of its beloved dog to carry out orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.