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What's Really Behind The Toilet Paper Shortage?

What does toilet paper have to do with a global pandemic? Nothing. Yet millions of people have been panicking about their household supply.

The Coronavirus Is Behind Him. The Death Threats…

When the coronavirus epidemic exploded, Carl Goldman was aboard the Diamond Princess, which would become a notorious virus location.

'Staggering' Number Tied To The Virus has nothing…

A lot of Americans failed to pay one of their biggest bills this month.

6 Mild COVID-19 Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

The severity of COVID-19 symptoms can range from very mild to severe. Here are potential symptoms you shouldn't ignore.

Longtime Film Actor Dies Of Coronavirus

A former co-star confirmed the actor's death on social media.

Virus-hit Wuhan cautiously revives amid thicket…

Residents of Wuhan are cautiously returning to shopping and strolling in the streets of the city where the coronavirus pandemic began

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Meet Heat-Loving Yellowstone Creatures That Park…

Yellowstone National Park shared a video about some of the park’s heat-loving residents that visitors never get to see.

How to Properly Wear a Face Mask

How to Properly Wear a Face Mask The CDC now advises everyone to wear a face mask in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Face masks should fit snugly on the face, secured by ear loops or ties. They should allow for unrestricted breathing. Cloth face masks should be able to be machine washed without damage. People with glasses may have an issue with masks fogging up their eyewear. To solve this, simply place a folded tissue inside the top of your mask. At this time, the CDC is recommending washable cloth masks, as medical-grade masks are in short supply.

UK Official: 'Things Are Getting Better' for…

Boris Johnson is still in intensive care in London after being infected with the coronavirus, but signs are pointing toward him slowly getting better. The UK prime minister, who spent his third night in the ICU at St. Thomas' Hospital, is "stable" and "improving," Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden told the...

Corona stats for Romania | WIDE | Thu, Apr 9…


CDC Issues New Guidance For Essential Workers Who…

The CDC recommends workers who remain asymptomatic return to the job if they wear a face mask and maintain social distance from their co-workers.

Storm leaves massive brush damage

A storm rolled through Eden, North Carolina, on April 8, leaving fallen foliage in its path.

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How To Build A Girl

Trailer for 'How to Build a Girl' starring Alfie Allen, Emma Thompson, Frank Dillane, Chris O'Dowd, Beanie Feldstein

State Prison Erupts After 6 Inmates Test Positive

Pepper spray and "sting balls" were used to quell a disturbance involving hundreds of inmates at the Monroe Correctional Complex in Washington state Wednesday night. The state Department of Corrections says the disturbance in a recreation yard, in which inmates allegedly set off fire extinguishers and threatened to take guards...

Germany flies in seasonal farm workers amid virus…

Two planeloads of Eastern European farmhands have arrived in Berlin and Duesseldorf amid strict precautions to protect the country from the new coronavirus, as an ambitious German program to import seasonal workers to help work the fields got underway

No One Dares Stop Massaging This Wombat Joey

This wombat joey loves a good massage.

US Food Banks Strained by COVID-19 Crisis

US Food Banks Strained by COVID-19 Crisis Food bank directors are facing a new challenge in the era of COVID-19, causing management to overhaul the way they do business. While dealing with fewer volunteers and less in-person contact, these organizations must figure out how to handle the recent surge in food demands. Food banks and pantries have had to adopt alternative distribution methods in the age of social distancing, such as drive-through delivery. Brian Barks, CEO of Food Bank for the Heartland, normally spends about $73,000 per month buying food to distribute. Last month, as the coronavirus spread across the U.S., Barks reportedly spent $675,000. Grocery stores and markets that might ordinarily have extra food rations are seeing their stock depleted as the pandemic continues to spread around the country. In some cases, workers and volunteers must drive hundreds of miles to other states to get enough food to feed communities in need.

Origin of Most New York Cases: Flights From Europe

Most of the coronavirus cases in the New York City area arrived via flights from Europe, say genome researchers. And it appears that COVID-19 was in circulation in the region in mid-February, about two weeks before the first confirmed case was in the books, report the New York Times and...

Corona stats for Japan | WIDE | Thu, Apr 9, 2020…


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6.6 Million Americans Filed For Unemployment Last…

The U.S. Department of Labor report revealed higher numbers than what most economists were expecting.

All "hail" Murrieta! Thou shalt be icy hereafter

This porch in Murrieta, California, was pelted with hail on Wednesday, April 8.