CNN Hero Siew Te Wong

Siew Te Wong, a wildlife biologist in Malaysia, has dedicated his life to protecting the sun bear, the world's smallest bear species.

Worsening drought conditions in parts of US…

Drought conditions are increasing in several states, and extreme heat and weeks with little rain have begun to stress corn, soybeans, wheat and livestock in some areas

Marine dog with cancer gets tear-filled farewell

Hundreds of people in Michigan came together to salute and say a tear-filled final goodbye to a cancer-stricken dog who served three tours in Afghanistan with the U.S. Marines

'Fired by tweet:' Troops, veterans react to…

'Fired by tweet:' Transgender active-duty troops shocked by Trump's ban

Deaths in Venezuela unrest hit 101 as polarizing…

Days before a polarizing vote to start rewriting its constitution, Venezuela is convulsing to a rhythm of daytime strikes and nocturnal clashes

14th case linked to serial rapist in Kansas college towns

Authorities have new information about a serial rapist who is believed to have attacked at least a dozen women from 2000 to 2008 in the college towns of Manhattan and Lawrence

How to install the Nest Learning Thermostat

Whether you fit it yourself or have to hire an electrician, our handy guide shows you the basics of how the installation process for the Nest works.

On Mercury noms red carpet

The BBC hears from the nominees - and asks about their mums.

The New York Times - G.O.P.’s Lisa Murkowski…

From The New York Times: Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has been a contrarian when it comes to the Republican health plan, but she is not as beholden to the party as others are.By: By A.J. CHAVAR and CHRIS CIRILLO. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Bannon pushes higher tax rate for wealthy…

The Economist's Zanny Minton Beddoes joins Morning Joe to discuss a report that Steve Bannon is looking to raise taxes for the country's wealthiest Americans and the future of health care.

Republicans reject straight repeal of Obamacare

Trump hasn't been afraid to go after members of his own party to pass the healthcare bill.

Trump Laywer: ‘Nothing Illegal’ About Trum…

President Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow tells Chuck “there was nothing illegal to cover up” about Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians during the campaign. Plus, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) talks developments on the health care bill.

Want To Talk To your Pet? Amazon Says A Pet…

We all talk to our dogs. But Amazon may have some new tech on the way that may make it possible for them to talk back. Josh King has the story (@abridgetoland).

The Latest: House passes $788B bill for military, wall

The House has passed a $788 billion spending bill that combines a $1.6 billion down payment for President Donald Trump's controversial border wall with Mexico with a whopping budget increase for the Pentagon

Government announces cleanup plan for NYC radioactive site

The federal government has announced its plan to clean up a Superfund site in New York City where radioactive material was once processed to develop the world's first atomic bomb

Russia sanctions may hit European interests

As Russia prepares for the possibility of new sanctions from the U.S., it's not the only economy bracing for the possible impact. As Kate King reports, business groups in Germany, for one, believe they could harm some European firms.

California court could speed up building of bullet train

The California Supreme Court is set to issue a ruling that could have big implications for the state's $64 billion high-speed rail project

Georgia sheriff accused of exposing himself makes plea deal

A Georgia sheriff accused of exposing himself in an Atlanta park has pleaded guilty to violating two city ordinances after prosecutors agreed to drop a public indecency charge

Utilities Might've Known About Climate Change As…

A new report shows that despite warnings about carbon dioxide's role in climate change, industry leaders lobbied to deny a link between the two.

Putin: Anti-Russia hysteria growing in US

Russian President Vladimir Putin says anti-Russian hysteria is growing in the US and comments on the 2016 US presidential elections.

Forbes: Amazon CEO Bezos was briefly the world's…

Forbes magazine says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos briefly became the world's richest man Thursday, as stock in his e-commerce company hit an all-time high

Graham: Holy hell to pay if Sessions is fired

Sen. Lindsey Graham says Donald Trump's recent behavior towards US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is "turning democracy upside down."

3 accused of pimping teens in California…

Authorities say 3 people have been charged with pimping eight teens for commercial sex work in a ring that operated in California, Nevada and Texas