Maybe Letting Delivery Drivers Into Home Isn't…

A recent survey of US adults found 68% weren't comfortable giving delivery drivers access to their homes to leave packages inside, as happens with Amazon's new service, the Seattle Times reports. That number may soon go up even further. A security research firm tells CBS News a "really simple" hack...

Are Amazon's 'Last Mile' Drivers 'Utterly…

Amazon has an open secret that few pay heed to: a "nearly invisible workforce" that works to get consumers their packages on demand, per Gizmodo . Bryan Menegus dives into the company's Flex program, responsible for the firm's "last-mile" service, which involves getting ordered goods to a customer from the last...

Apple's visitor center opens to the public

CNET takes you inside Apple Park with its new Apple Store, cafe, and more.

Get On the Workout Train Because Your Commute…

A German train company has just unveiled its new train concept that could have you working out on your way to work. Tony Spitz has the details.

Y Combinator Quietly Dissolved Its Partnership…

Thiel's high-profile support of then-candidate Donald Trump sparked controversy in Silicon Valley.

Tesla wants to electrify big trucks, adding to…

Tesla says it will electrify trucking with 500-mile-range semi due out in 2019

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Federal "extreme vetting" plan castigated by tech…

Leading researchers castigated a federal plan that would use artificial-intelligence methods to scrutinize immigrants and visa applicants

FCC relaxes limits on owning newspapers, TV…

Federal regulators vote to loosening rules meant to support independent local media

Apple delays HomePod until 2018

Apple's smart speaker HomePod won't be released in time for the holidays. Here's why.

Tesla's New Semitruck Might Be Playing Catch-Up

Several companies have already announced plans for their own electric trucks.

UN panel agrees to move ahead with debate on 'killer robots'

A U.N. panel is moving ahead with efforts to define and possibly set limits on weapons that can kill without human involvement, but not as quickly as some human rights groups and other opponents think is necessary to keep up with technological advances

Phone companies get new tools to block spam calls

Tens of millions of "robocalls" pester Americans every day. But some tools can help.

After Twitter Yanks Verified Status, She Cites…

A few Twitter users lost the coveted blue tick on Wednesday after Twitter released new guidelines regarding verified accounts. The move came after the company was attacked for granting verified status to Jason Kessler, who put together the white nationalist rally that rocked Charlottesville in August (and issued this "vile"...

Wireless earphones for phones without a jack

These wireless and Bluetooth earbuds can do more than just play your music.

VW to spend $40B on electric cars, technology through 2022

Volkswagen says it plans to spend more than 34 billion euros ($40 billion) over the next five years on developing electric cars, autonomous driving and other new technologies

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Cisco stock up on upbeat earnings, revenue growth…

Cisco stock up on better-than expected earnings; company projects revenue growth

California may limit liability of self-driving…

California regulators are embracing a General Motors recommendation that would help automakers avoid paying for accidents and other trouble caused by self-driving cars, raising concerns that the proposal will put an unfair burden on vehicle owners

Shop on Amazon without ruining the holidays

See how to keep your holiday shopping secret by setting up an Amazon Household and prevent prying eyes from seeing presents in your order history.

Nebraska to build wind farm to power Facebook data center

Utility officials say a new wind farm being built in northeastern Nebraska will provide 200 megawatts of power a planned Facebook data center

AP Exclusive: US scientists try 1st gene editing…

American scientists for the first time have tried editing a gene inside the body in hope of curing a disease.

Twitter, Google, Facebook and others join trusted…

Today's major tech stories include Twitter, Google, Facebook and others joining a trusted sources group, Amazon Key's first substantial exploit and Facebook's launch of a Creator app.

European court rules against Greece over wiretap death

European court orders Greece to pay damages to relatives of a Vodafone telecoms executive who was found dead in 2005 on the eve of the government's discovery of a major wiretapping scandal

Which iPhone should you buy?

iPhone X. iPhone 8. iPhone 8 Plus. Now that Apple's new iPhones are all here, one thing is clear: it's no longer a clear-cut decision.

Kaspersky Lab releases report into upload of NSA documents

Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Kasperksy Lab is releasing more details about how its software uploaded classified U.S. documents several years ago

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EA pulls Star Wars Battlefront II…

The fans cried out and EA has responded: In-game payments on Star Wars Battlefront II are gone (but they'll be back).

Couples sue fertility clinic over eggs with genetic defect

2 couples that gave birth to children with a genetic defect later traced back to donated eggs are suing a New York fertility doctor and his clinic

Report: Three iPhone's X models are expected in…

New reports and rumors are surfacing for the next years iPhone, and a rear 3D sensor for Augmented reality is coming in 2019. Plus, your 10-year old could unlock your iPh