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Chelsea Manning: a potent symbol for transgender…

For most Americans, Chelsea Manning has been a hero or villain based on how they view her decision to leak classified material; for transgender people, she has another dimension _ serving as a potent symbol of their struggles for acceptance

Unless He Divests, Trump Will Owe Wall Street…

Banks like Wells Fargo will be regulated by Trump's appointees. Those banks also hold millions in debt from the new president.

Major Airline Offers 'Female-Only' Row to its…

Air India is adding a female-only row of seats on domestic flights. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

OMG! Gigi Hadid's New Ring! Did She and Zayn…

Gigi Hadid- don't think you can just walk on by, wearing a BRAND NEW GOLD BAND ON THAT FINGER, without us saying anything about it. The rumor mill was buzzing when the supermodel was spotted, on the way to the gym, wearing the gold ring, with no other jewelry on her fingers. If that's not obvious, I don't know what is. Although sources say the rumors are false, it's interesting timing considering last month- when Life & Style reported that Zayn proposed to Gigi and she turned him down- she's only 21 and wasn't ready to tie the knot. Plus her mom, Yolanda's messy divorces, one as recent as last year, may play into Gigi's decision to wait. Zayn, on the other hand, who's 24, is obviously ready to settle down considering his last engagement with Perrie Edwards not too long ago. After Zayn broke off their 2-year engagement, Perrie has moved on and even channeled her breakup sorrow into a chart-topping hit, "Shoutout To My Ex." In the song, Perrie implies Zayn was a bad lover, and hopes Gigi was having better luck than him. What's funny is- it was reportedly because Zayn was still close to Perrie that he and Gigi briefly broke up. But obviously they're back on and now we'll have to see if Gigi continues to wear the gold band in the midst of these engagement rumors- that will be telling. So what do you guys think- are they really engaged? Do you think they're too young to think about marriage? Hit us up in those comments.

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Steve Harvey Forced To Publicly Apologize For…

Steve Harvey has apologized for an offensive joke he made last week.

Elusive Nigerian funk musician William Onyeabor dies at 70

William Onyeabor, the elusive Nigerian musician who pioneered a stuttering style of electronic funk in the '70s and '80s before retreating from the spotlight to focus on his faith and business ventures, has died

Playoff Breakdown: Steelers vs. Patriots breaks down the AFC Conference Championship between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots.

AP-NORC Poll: Americans of all stripes say fix…

A new poll finds that Americans across the political spectrum put health care reform at the top of the nation's priorities

Trump pick to lead EPA has spotty state…

President-elect Donald Trump's choice to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency comes to a confirmation hearing with a spotty environmental record

What Hip Hop Tells Us About President Obama

Over the years, President Barack Obama has been featured in numerous lyrics for popular artists.

Utility plans vote on New York offshore wind project

A New York utility is set to vote later this month on a plan to construct an offshore wind farm off eastern Long Island

Consumer agency sues Navient over student loan repayments

Federal regulators have sued Navient, accusing the biggest U.S. student loan company of making it harder for borrowers to repay loans by giving them bad information, processing payments incorrectly and failing to act on complaints

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Prosecutor: Orlando gunman's widow knew about the…

Prosecutors say the widow of the Orlando nightclub gunman knew about the attack ahead of time and then hindered the criminal investigation when she lied to FBI agents after the shooting

Man accused of planting note on plane warning of bomb

Authorities have arrested an airline passenger on charges of planting a note on a plane en route from San Diego to Denver that falsely claimed a bomb was on board

Secret Service Agrees To Pay $24M To Settle…

The suit was filed in 2000 by a group of black agents who claimed their superiors fostered a racist work environment and ignored their complaints.

Red Panda Cub is Obsessed With Fluffy Toy Twin

While recovering from an injury this red panda cub has been leaning on her favorite toy for comfort. Emily Drooby (@emilydrooby) has the story.

'Beauty and the Beast' Emma Watson TURNED DOWN…

Beauty and the Beast Star Emma Watson dropped some surprising information when she revealed that she turned down the role of Cinderella in the latest live action iteration of the story. She said she felt that she resonated more with Belle's character, which leads us to wonder... which character makes for a better Disney princess? Heather and Dylan discuss, and we invite you to add your 2 cents in the comments below!

7-Eleven Launches Breakfast Pizza

7-Eleven is offering a breakfast pizza that it says combines the convenience of eating leftover pizza for the first meal of the day with traditional breakfast foods.

Classical fuses with punk to kick off Paris…

Subzero temperatures were an apt backdrop for fashionistas who arrived in Paris for the first day of fall/winter 2017 menswear fashion shows

Siena coach shakes hands with air after Rider…

After Siena beat the Rider Broncs, 78-68, on Tuesday, Saints coach Jimmy Patsos had an interesting exchange with himself.

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Pointed questions await Trump's pick for health…

Congressman Tom Price is facing pointed questions about President-elect Donald Trump's health policies and his own investments in health care companies

For third straight time, Earth sets hottest year record

US scientists say the Earth sizzled to a third straight heat record last year

States Argue In Court For More Say Over…

A battle over endangered wolves in the Southwest is moving to a federal appeals court.